2. Going to the cinema today ♡

  3. #tbt to my first ever #downloadfestival 2009. ♡

  6. It’s really no wonder everyone is giving me funny looks today…

  7. I never smile in photos, but I’m happy. Relaxing in the sun listening to Wednesday 13 :D

  8. Beautiful day in my part of the world ♡

  9. This is my favourite car :D another beautiful day for a run in it ♡

  10. Should I scare my dentist… :D

  11. Possibly a little too dressed up for the dentist. I’ve been listening to Wednesday 13 all morning and fell asleep watching Nightmare On Elm Street after staying up half the night to talk to a beautiful spooky boy. ♡

  12. I have the dentist today. This may be irony. I’m only getting a scale and polish and xray results :D

  13. Apparently it’s national dog day, well. This is all I have left of my baby, this and a thousand good memories. Although I’m happy, there’s an ache in my heart that won’t ever go away. I miss you bubba.

  14. But I’m also wearing a jumper whilst sunbathing (:

  15. I never learn not to sunbathe in tights.