2. "Fuck, my tea."
    — me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

    (via coffinrape)

  3. This is a super old picture that my lifewife created. I feel like we were somewhat obsessed with Criminal minds and Lady Gaga at the time…


  4. I’ll be meeting my boyfriend for the first time in a few weeks. & I’m really excited. I’m already packing my bag in my mind.

    I haven’t felt this way before


  8. Edgar needs surgery ♡

  9. Bahaha. Madre and I. Captures the moment. Her being like “what are you doing… oh, no” and me being like “hehehe :D”

  10. Is it Monday again already? My #mcm is again and indefinitely my beautiful boy, Luke ♡

  11. What a difference a clean mirror makes! Neat vinegar, scouring pad and kitchen roll is the trick to get rid of makeup and hairspray ♡

  12. Closer look at my makeup (: my mirror is covered in dust, hairspray and mascara…

  13. Super simple look today as I just plan on sitting and crafting ♡

  14. I miss my pink/blonde hair and my asymmetrical fringe. Valentine is my bubba ♡

  15. Happy birthday to my lifewife, @jennfirex I love you, millions and forever ♡♥♡