1. Couple brewskis and a movie with my ‘rents ♡

  2. Dads off home on his new toy leaving his leather clad ladies in the city to shop ♡

  3. Just been to pick this up. Beautiful bike. ♡

  4. Super plain look today cuz of the rain (and also cuz I’m being rushed as dads excited to get his bike) my hair has been behaving so good the past couple of days ♡

  5. Shit. I made a mess. Anyone want to put me up for the night, no?…

  6. Dark roads & Misfits on the stereo. Feeling proper ghouly tonight ♡

  7. Spooky spooky. Some stairs in some layby ♡

  8. It’s sunny. I’m all set to go ♡

  9. Also. Todays face. So excited to not be working ♡

  10. Messy room. Messy mirror. I am ready though (:

  11. My mirror is minging again. I wish this was appropriate to wear out with my dad on an autumnal afternoon. But it’s not. What to wear, what to wear?

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  14. Stolen from @the.green.fairy
    So true.

  15. Come to me @dollskill parcel ♡♡