1. This is what weather does to my hair. It actually looks awesome but pictures never do things justice. I’m packing for hopefully meeting my beau in a fortnight. I know I’m early but it settles my nerves/makes me more excited and gives me plenty time to get sorted :) I don’t know how I’m gunna pack for three nights in one little suitcase :P ♡

  2. 1st of October 2014
    I went for a walk today, a big circular route and then for a rest in the graveyard. It was beautiful and helped clear my head.
    There is so much going on in my life and the best part of it, is hundreds of miles away. ♡

  3. I’m walking in like Blondie
    a human ball of laundry

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  5. How is it possible to miss someone, so painfully, that you’ve never met?

    Be so scared of losing someone, you’ve never really had?

    Although, regardless of never having met my boyfriend, or never really “having” him. He’s a lot closer to me than most people, even people I’ve known for years or that I see everyday.

    Letting someone in, is terrifying, it’s amazing, and he’s amazing, but it scares me to death. Hopefully only two more weeks, and we can be together, and it’ll either, get more scary, less scary or break my heart. I just want to be with him now, I’m excited and so nervous about the first time we lock gazes, the first time we hug, our first kiss. I’ve built it up so much in my mind, the pressure I’m putting on myself is ridiculous, but I feel like, if he gives me this chance for us to be together, that’ll melt away. We do get on so well, and life does sometimes get in the way, but if our time together goes well, I can’t imagine life and distance playing a huge part in keeping us apart. I’ve fallen so fast, and hard, for this too good to be true boy & I can only hope he feels the same. I’ve given him more of me than I’ve ever given anyone, especially this early on. I don’t usually let people in, I usually run away at the first signs of anything real but this time, I crave it, I crave him. I want this to be everything.

    I trust him though, my fear lies in me not trusting myself. to be good enough, or to not mess this up. <3


  6. "

    How do you survive?

    You just do.
    There is no other choice,
    no other viable options.

    You throw yourself into it,
    head first
    and make a mess along the way.
    Gain a few too many scars,
    break some things,
    mend others.

    you find yourself with
    a couple of friends
    and a few precious tools.

    You just have to.
    You will.

    — Michelle K., How Do You Recover? pt. 7 (via michellekpoems)

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    You are so sexy !!

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  11. Something evil bit/stung me yesterday and it’s sore :(

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  13. I wouldn’t ever expect to see it this tidy again. My wardrobe is a magical and wild untamable place.

  14. I can’t believe I still have this and that it still works. Pokemon was my childhood.

  15. I live & love in complete excess.